I discovered New Mexico as a boy. Coming originally from Oklahoma City, many summer vacations were spent in  Santa Fe, Taos, and Red River—my family and I were drawn by the allure of the Southwest. The spirit of the land, the magnificent vistas, and the rich cultural diversity create an experience never forgotten—as do the galleries, the food, and the shopping.

As an adult, I moved to Santa Fe in 1982. I spent a few short years in New York City and Los Angeles, only to return permanently to the City Different in 1990. They say that once the spirit of a place captures you, you can’t leave.  Well, that happened to me here in the Land of Enchantment.

By the way, that’s my wife, Carol!  Her company is called Historic Walks of Santa Fe.

Come for a visit, and we’ll discover  the spirit of Santa Fe on two wheels!  




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